Love your Clothes

The most sustainable clothes are the ones we own and extending the life of a garment can reduce the footprint of your closets dramatically. The primary reason for clothing damage is improper care and we’re here to help you love your clothes.


When it is time to wash, wash less and wash with care.

Wash at 40°C warm. Lower temperature extends the life cycle of your garments fibres, colour and print.

Wash with similar coloured garments.

Do not bleach or dry clean. Use environment and skin-friendly detergents. Be kind to both your garment and your baby’s skin.


Drip dry under shade. This can increase the life of your W&H massively.

Do not tumble dry. Machine dryers not only fasten the drying process but also the damage to your clothing.


Hanging or folding your W&H after drying can reduce wrinkles and add years to your

Iron only on the reverse side. Do not iron on print.